Saturday, 21 October 2017

Six on Saturday

At every meeting of our gardening club, members bring examples of plants which are currently in their gardens for the display table.
Here are six of them:
Sheila’s Stapelia asterias was purchased as a small, single stem in Ikea about 20 years ago.  Here it is in flower, the third time it has flowered 

 On the usual route of her dog walk in The Hollies, Jenny picked up the branches and seeds of the deciduous Sequoia tree which had been blown off by the wind
Kate’s container included Parthenocissus henryana, Arum Marmoratum, Salvia, Dahlias, Euonymus alatus, Callicarpa, Persicaria campanulata, the fragrant climbing rose Blush Noisette, Saxifrage Wadas form and Fuchsia Hawkshead
If you look carefully, one of Trevor’s Dahlia Striped Ambition has half the flower a darker shade than the other


Beware of Ann’s charming Halloween display – very poisonous!
 James had to transport his exhibit on the roof rack of his car!  To give some idea of scale, the flower of his phormium, which he cut down about 2 ft from the ground, towers above James who is about 6 ft


  1. That's a different take on Six on six on Saturday. Six things from six different people's gardens. Like it!hope to see you back again soon.

  2. An amazingly diverse selection you've brought together! Some beautiful individual specimens too - well done all :)