Saturday, 7 October 2017

People, Plants, Pleasure and Passion

Don Witton’s presentation,People, Plants, Pleasure and Passion, was a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining talk with humourous anecdotes and colourful slides.  Don, who re-invented himself after a long career as a teacher, is a specialist on euphorbias and we heard his amusing tales about the TV crew filming him for a Gardeners World programme.  More information can be found on his website.
Display Table
Sue G’s assorted Salvias for late Summer colour, although tender, include Amistad, Joan, Black and Blue, Super Trouper,Mexicana, Patens
Carol brought her biennial Tragopogon (Salsify) which she grew from seed and the attractive Gladiolus murielae
Ann’s container of  orange and red included Persicaria Fats Domino, Golden Arrow, Dahlia Charlie Dimmock, Tithonia, Hersperantha, Erysimum Apricot Delight, Antirrhinum and Rudbeckia.

Kate brought some Anemone Blanda, wondering which way up to plant them
 Caroline brought our attention to this publication
 Kate’s vase contained Persicaria campanulata Orange Field, September Spires and Firetail.  Salvias Amistad, Verbena bonariensis and rigida, Begonia Claret Jug, Astrantia Buckland and Shaggy, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Aster frikartii Monch, Phlox Graf Zeppelin and Calicarpa
 Judith’s Fuchsia Genii
Notice Board
A few Friday Forum members have successfully applied Thelma’s tip for propagating from basil plants bought at the supermarket.  A delicious, fresh and free addition to Italian cuisine.

Save landfill sites by recycling household waste at the Kirkstall waste recycling site which  has now re-opened and accepts a wide range of unwanted goods for its shop selling recycled goods.

Next Meeting
20th October:  Harvest Forum.  Please bring prepared food for Members to taste which will be one of the various activities scheduled for this meeting.  An indication of allergens and vegetarian/vegan would be helpful.

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