Saturday, 5 May 2018

May the fourth be with you

Peter Williams gave us an excellent presentation entitled Propagation for ‘grown up’ gardeners.  His lively talk included lots of invaluable advice and fascinating facts on all methods of propagation which could save us a fortune.  We will definitely be trying out some of his ideas.
Display Table:
Judith’s Bowles Gold
Judith’s Scilla peruviana

Judith also brought an Asarina (climbing snapdragon)

Carl’s Trilliums which turned out not to be the                                                 colours anticipated .........  after growing them for 7 years
Ann’s Clematis scottii rosea which she bought in 2011 (as a pelargonium) and has only just flowered
 Graham’s (award winning) daffodil Petrel and dark pink Pelargonium
Eileen’s double headed Daffodil Thalia and tulip Persian pink
 Margaret’s Cardamine pentaphyllos (showy toothwort)
 Gill’s container has Corydalis anthriscifolia, Lunaria rediviva (everlasting honesty), Dicentra, Smyrnia and Pieris
 Gardening Matters
With the good weather in National Garden Week hope everyone managed to get into a garden; your own or someone else’s.

For Open Gardens and talks in aid of funding new planting at the Yorkshire Arboretum, see

Notice Board
Congratulations to Graham for his success in the Harrogate Show, winning 6 out of 8 classes plus Best Bloom with his Daffodils.
With this in mind, could you win a prize for your blooms?  Why not give it a go at the Friday Forum Mini Show, details as follows:
CLASS 1    One bloom HT Rose
CLASS 2    One Stem Floribunda Rose
CLASS 3    One Stem any other Rose
CLASS 4    One vase Sweet Peas
CLASS 5    One vase Pinks
CLASS 6    One vase cut flowers, judged for frontal effect
                                       CLASS 7    One pot plant
                                       CLASS 8    Flower Arranging – ‘Take Five Flowers’
                                       CLASS 9    Exhibit of Fruit or Vegetable

Reminder that the next Paxton Plant Sale will be 21st May.  Your donations of plants raised over £100 last time, so please bring plants on that morning.
The Celebration Faith Lunch will be on Saturday, 16th June.   Lunch will be served at 12.30, and this will be followed by the guest speaker, John Sheard, with his presentation ‘The Life of Joseph Paxton’. 
There is no charge for Paxton members and whilst guests will be welcome there will be a charge of £3.
As this is a Faith Lunch we would ask members to donate items of food, but we can co-ordinate this once we know the final numbers.    
Let Dorothy or Graham know if you can come ASAP if this event is to go ahead.

Next Meeting
18th May:  Visit to The Arium (names of those attending have already been submitted)
1st June:  Forum including giving Paxton a good clean up.  Many hands make light work plus tea and cake for participators.


Friday, 20 April 2018

‘April can break your heart… the sunshine interrupted by cold winds and showers without any warning’ – Mark Diacono, A Year at Otter Farm p.95



We spent an enjoyable afternoon taking cuttings and potting on as well as working out the answers to James’ quiz of antique artefacts.
Who would have known that this article, when opened up, was in fact a Chinese opium dealer’s scales!
Display Table
 Ann’s tulips Red Riding with stripy leaves
Ann’s pot of Muscari (latifolia, Mount Hood, Peppermint, Blue Magic and Atlanta with Anemones (blanda, White Splendour, ranunculoises, , ranunculoises f.p., nemorosa vestal, lipsiensis, virescens and Robinsonia
Ann’s container includes Erythroniums (tuolumnense, revolutum, Margart Matthews, Joanna, pagoda and White Beauty), Corydalis Solida George Baker and curviflora), Fritillaria meleagris and meleaagris white) and Ipheon uniflorum
Judith’s Hacquetia epipactis
Judith’s Tulips: the white Purissima and Apeldoorn, which come back each year, with a frilly daffodil
Judith’s Euphorbia Silverleaf
Gill’s Euphorbia, Primroses and Pansies go well together

 Gill's’s jug of flowers includes Daffodil Thalia, Cardamine  heptaphylla and the lime green smyrnia
Sue G brought Anemones – the white flaccida and Anomenella thalictroides, Primulas – the orange Doncliffe , the pink Rosea, the dark leafed Drumcliff and the macrophyllia
 James told us the story of the Snowflake, so called as it began to snow as William Curtis first came across it.  Read more about William Curtis here: 
Jenny’s Camellia, which is about 17 years old, has started to bloom this year

Gardening Matters

 Some members visited Harlow Carr this week and can thoroughly recommend a visit to see the Rhododendrons and the print exhibition in the Bath House


Notice Board
We are due for a clean-up of the Paxton car park and the kitchen.  Date to be advised.

The Friday Forum day trip to Derbyshire is on Friday 20th July.  Full details on the Visits 2018 page

Next Meeting
May 4th – A presentation on propagation by Peter Williams


Saturday, 7 April 2018

Friday Forum Spring Mini Show

Friday Forum Spring Mini Show
 "Mr Daffodil" John Freer with Lundy Light (left) and Dutch Master (right)
John Freer came to judge our mini show, which has now become a tradition for Friday Forum, helped by Graham and Dorothy.   Entries were down in some categories which is not surprising after the bad weather we’ve been experiencing.  However, I think you will agree that the standard was good:
 Some of the entries
 First in category
After the judging, entertaining as ever, John gave us useful advice on entering shows including helpful tips on presentation and staging.  
 Lundy Light

 Some of John's plants including Daffodil White Petticoat and a pot of Tulip Show Winner and Tête á Tête

John is also an accomplished knitter and brought a recent piece:
 This looked like a stripey piece
 Looked at from another angle, you can see praying hands

Display Table
 Ann's pot of Cordalys Malkensis and Solida George Baker

 Gill's container:  Smyrnium perfoliatum, allium paradoxum normale, pumonarias rubra, opal and the silver leafed one Gill calls Calverley Gem, Muscari latifolium, pachyphragma latifolium, anemone blanda,

 (middle) bronze leaved Oxalis (right) Cardamine
 Gill wanted identification - pink carrot flower

Gardening Matters
News on an upcoming television programme about the preparation which goes into opening gardens to the public, although some of our members could tell us about that!
Below is a link to an article about how gardening can be used as part of your daily exercise regime.  I wonder if visiting a garden followed by tea and cake counts?
How many calories gardening tasks burn
  • 35 minutes of weeding – 158 calories
  • 35 minutes of mowing the lawn – 200 calories
  • 29 minutes of potting plants – 131 calories
  • 27 minutes of digging – 137 calories
  • 17 minutes of raking – 63 calories
  • 79 minutes of other garden work – 300 calories
Total: 989 calories per week, over 52 weeks – 51,428 calories a year

Harlow Carr was so busy one day last week that some of our members were turned away as they reached the approach road.  They decided to visit Bluecoat Wood across the road, who were expecting their patron – none other than the legendary Alan Titchmarsh, who spoke to Ann about the eggs she had purchased.

Notice Board
Paxton AGM is on 24th April at 8.00 pm.  Members are being urged to attend as significant changes are being proposed and you will have the opportunity to take part in the decision making process.

Graham thanked all those who helped at the Paxton Spring Show. 

On Saturday, 16th June, there will be a 50th Anniversary Celebration Lunch.  Details as follows:

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society moving into our current premises we are holding a Celebration Faith Lunch on Saturday, 16th June.  We are delighted that Mr John Sheard has agreed to be our guest speaker, and his presentation will be ‘The Life of Joseph Paxton’. 
Lunch will be served at 12.30, and this will be followed by the guest speaker.  There is no charge for Paxton members and whilst guests will be welcome there will be a charge of £3.
As this is a Faith Lunch we would ask members to donate items of food, but we can co-ordinate this once we know the final numbers.  If you would like to attend, and possibly bring a guest, please let either Dorothy Ambridge or Graham Wheatley know.

Visits:  We have two dates for visits.  Full details plus June and August visits coming soon
18th May – A tour of The Arium Nursery
20th July – Day trip to gardens in Derbyshire

Next Meeting
 20th April:  Forum – Practical Gardening