Saturday, 22 October 2016

Harvest Forum

This was a really enjoyable and well-organised event.  The Harvest Quiz was great fun; we shall never forget what a French Breakfast is (and the answer wasn’t “inadequate”!).  There was a Bring & Buy Sale and an opportunity to sample delicious home-made food including Parsnip and Apple Soup, scones, courgette cake and Homity pie.

Display Table
This reminds us that there is still plenty of interest in our gardens.

Gill’s Rhodochiton atrosanguineum; an attractive, tender climber

 Gill’s jug contains yellow impatiens omeiana, cyclamen hederifolium, michaelmas daisies, clematis Mary Rose. Rose, geranium nodosum, sedum, a purple clematis, Japanese anemone, corydalis lutea, Ceratostigma willmottianum
 A book recommendation from Gill

 Kate’s Isoplexis canariensis is an attractive shrub with its orange/bronze blooms

Notice Board
Interested in a day of gardening talks by expert speakers? 

Next Meeting:  Talk – Hedgehogs in the Garden by expert Tracey Foster.  Expect a multitude of questions from Janella!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Awesome October

Talk:  Creating a garden in North Yorkshire by Martin Fish
Martin is an experienced gardener and his enthusiasm for gardening shone through as he entertained us with his illustrated presentation. We learnt how, when he moved to Yorkshire, he transformed a blank canvas of ¾ of an acre into a stunning garden which not only looked good but yielded an enormous amount of produce.  He took us through the timeline from the first asparagus bed to the beautiful plot it is today, although Martin, who doesn’t claim to be a garden designer, is the first to say that a garden should never be finished.
Martin’s favourite plants at the moment are: clematis alpina Stolwijk Gold, lathyrus vernus albo roseus, Cardiocrinum giganteum, cornus kousa wietings select, Geum Bell Bank, catalpa bignonioides aurea, Viburnum plicatum Pink Beauty, Hosta albomarginata, Geranium Rozanne, Hydrangea Annabelle, Hesperantha Pink Princess, cercidiphyllum japonicum.
Martin’s garden is open once a year under the NGS scheme and more details about Martin and his garden can be found on his website:
Display Table
It may be October, but Friday Forum members still have plenty in bloom in their gardens.
 Carol brought a branch from the shoo-fly plant (Nicandra physalodes) and invited us to take the pods and plant the seeds.  It will be interesting to see the results
 Dorothy’s cyclamen with its enormous corm
 James’ Acteas with their poisonous berries

Sue G’s colourful arrangement includes Asters: frikartii 'Monch’, novae-angliae 'September Ruby', novi-belgii Samoa, euonymus alatus and hesperantha
 Ann’s dainty Nerines bowdenii Alba, Stephanie and Undulata
 Judith’s Dahlias:  Murdoch, an Orange one and David Howard and a couple of attractive Salvias

 Gill’s arrangement includes salvia, eupatorium rugosum, now Ageratina altissima, hydrangea paniculata, begonia, campanula and Himalayan honeysuckle
Notice Board
We wish Friday Forum member, Celia, a speedy recovery from her recent operation.
Members are welcome to help themselves to plant pots before they are sent to landfill.
Margaret D thanked members for their donations for the recent Paxton show, which was busy and financially successful.
Gill is selling varieties of tulip bulbs at our meetings.
 Congratulations to two of our members, Kate and Carol, were awarded Gold for their gardens by Leeds in Bloom with Carol winning Best in Category.  Very well deserved!

Wharfedale Gardeners are holding an exhibition entitled Painting the Modern Garden at Otley Courthouseon Saturday 15th October.
Next Meeting
21st October:  Harvest Forum – We are asking members to make an item of food, sweet or savoury, for others to taste.  It would be helpful to provide a copy of the recipe and, if possible, email to me to add to our recipe page on the blog.  There will also be a Bring & Buy sale and our legendary Quiz.