Saturday, 5 March 2016

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow

Planting up Dutch Iris
This week, after discussing garden related issues including the weather and putting the world to rights, we plant up some bulbs.  It will be interesting to see whether the blooms are as bright as in the picture.

Display Table
Gill brought two pots of Iris Katharine Hodgkin purchased at the same time but flowers are of different shades

Gill’s Hyacinth has a fantastic fragrance
This interesting variety of greenery was Gill’s surplus from a manipulating foliage session at Pudsey Flower Club
Margaret H’s attractive Cyclamen Coum came from Otley market

 James’s informed us that all parts of Arum italicum 'Marmoratum' are poisonous when raw and that the Elizabethans would boil the leaves to make starch for their ruffs
Judith’s Helleborus lividus Silver Dollar is a lovely colour and has silver leaves
There are always plants for sale at our meetings, but we are starting a wish list for those hard-to-find ones.  A small, voluntary donation to Friday Forum to show your appreciation would be welcome

Notice Board
Jenny informed us that currently Paxton has no caretaker and asked if members could offer an hour or two on a Tuesday morning 10 – 12 to undertake tasks which are found on a list on the notice board.  Please tick off when complete.  If anyone has woodworking or electrical skills, these would be extremely welcome.
Paxton is looking for people to ‘adopt’ the garden, perhaps as allotments.
Important Dates
Spring Show and Plant Sale:  Full details can be seen here
Friday Forum members can bring any plants for the sale on the day before.
Friday Forum Mini Spring Show:  This will take place on 1st April and be judged by John Freer, who will also give a talk.

September Show:  Graham has advised in good time that there will be an Olympic Challenge of plants of the colours of the five Olympic rings.
Paxton AGM:  This will take place on Wednesday 13th April at 8 pm and all members are encouraged to attend.
Next Meeting
18th March – “Plants to die for” by Alan Wilson

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