Saturday, 19 March 2016

Approaching Spring equinox

Talk:  Plants to die for by Alan Wilson 

At this meeting, there was a large, appreciative audience for Alan’s illustrated talk.  We learnt about the successes and failures of a wide variety of plants which Alan has tried in his own garden over the years.  There will be additions and deletions to our plant wish lists after hearing of his experiences.
Display Table 
The table was veritably heaving with plants brought by our members plus some brought by Alan.
 Ann's Tropaeolum tricolorum and narcissus cyclamineus

 crocus sieberi Tricolor
cyclamen coum

 Judith's Aeonium Schwarzckopf and Margaret H's Euphorbia Tasmanian Tiger and crocus Pickwick
 Elizabeth's hellebores, camellias Debbie and Donation, rhododendron praecox, polyanthus, olsynium douglasii and pulmonaria

 Mary's tall daffodils (held upright with tights!)
 A tip from Alan:  Instead of taking a bottle to a party, why not pot up some heathers or alpines and insert labels with the details of your gardening club?  Free advertising.

Other plants brought by Alan:
 The stunning Hemerocallis with its variegated leaves

 serapias lingua

Last, but not least, Graham displayed hellebore flowers from Paxton garden in a clever wooden stand with test tubes in holes.  Very effective.

Notice Board

Paxton Spring Show and Plant Sale 2nd April:  Full details can be seen here
Friday Forum members can bring any plants for the sale on the day before.

September Show:  Graham has advised in good time that there will be an Olympic Challenge of plants of the colours of the five Olympic rings.
Paxton AGM:  This will take place on Wednesday 13th April at 8 pm and all members are encouraged to attend.

Next Meeting
1st April:  Friday Forum Mini Spring Show which will be judged by John Freer, who will also give a talk.

 Why not have a go? 

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