Monday, 4 September 2017

Autumn approaches

Propagation Tips
We had a lively discussion on methods of propagation and members shared their knowledge and experience on propagating plants.
Two of the best ideas were:
From a supermarket pot of basil, take cuttings by breaking bits off and let them root in water.  The roots may try to double back on themselves so make sure they stay immersed.  Use clear pots when potting on so the development of the roots can be clearly seen.
When propagating cuttings, put a smaller plant pot inside a larger one and plant up the seedlings in the outer rim.  This means that, by removing the smaller plant pot, it is easy to see when roots have formed without tipping the plant out plus the cuttings can be watered by adding water to the pot in the centre.
Display Table


The Rudbeckias which members had grown on from plug plants gave a cheerful display and there is still plenty of colour in the gardens of our members.
 Kate’s Eucomis Autumnalis which has flowers with tops like pineapples
 Graham’s Clerodendron.  This is 1m tall and the same in width and has purple berries.
 Gill’s pot contains various Japanese Anemones, Phlox maculata, Willow gentian, a perennial Antirrhinum, Chelone, Campanula aesthetica, the yellow Kirengeshoma, Crocosmias Severn Sunrise and Lucifer, Hibiscus, Thalictrum Splendide,  Eucryphia, Persicaria Red Dragon, Japanese wallflower, Impatiens omeiana and Bergenia

Sue G’brought purple Rosocea and Sollya, the dainty bluebell bush or climber
 Ann’s pottery jug contains flowers in shades of yellow:  Rudbeckias, Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia which brightens up a dark corner, the purple flowered, variegated Phlox Nora Leigh,  Kirengeshoma, Hedera buttercup which starts off with Ivy leaves, the holly leaved Desfontainia with its orange, waxy flowers, Tithonia, Crocosmias Solfaterre and Star of the East, Fuchsia genii, Clematis helios, Ligularia dentata and  Ceratostigma desert skies
Notice Board

It’s the Paxton early Autumn Show on 23rd September.  Graham has asked for support in the kitchen or donations of cakes.
For entry details contact Graham Wheatley 0113 2563055 or look on the Paxton website
Judith recommended First Impressions nursery
Graham drew our attention to the many flower shows in the area.
Next Meeting

15th September:  Presentation by Gail and John Summerfield “Staff only beyond this point please”


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