Saturday, 21 January 2017

Here are a few of my favourite things

Talk:  Good Garden Plants Part 2 by Pat Inman

We were delighted to welcome back Pat Inman who gave us an illustrated talk.  Her presentation was a virtual catalogue of plants which do well and look good in our gardens giving us flowering time, height and spread, hardiness and aspect. Our wish lists for plants has now trebled.   
Display Table 
Alma’s stunning pot of Iris Lady Beatrix Stanley

Gill brought a pot of Iris Painted Lady, and examples of what is presently in her garden including Cyclamen coum, Geranium Spring Fling showing its spectacular foliage, Pulmonaria, Sarcococca and various Snowdrops
Judith brought a tray of Watercress from Morrisons which she will try to grow on.  This sparked of a discussion about Watercress.  We learnt that it can clear ponds, especially if there is running water, but take care of Watercress growing in the wild, particularly if sheep are nearby, as it can harbour parasites such as tapeworms.
 Marjorie brought one of her many Orchids and offered the offsets to members
 Ann’s pretty arrangement includes Hamamelis, Aconites and Cyclamen coum

Not exactly Display Table material but picture this, if you will!  Jenny told us of research done in a Californian university which shows that sitting for too long can age women. 
 Woman, Exercise, Fitness, Fitness Woman, Athletic
 Wendy then told us about the publication Strong Women Stay Young by Miriam Nelson which describes half hour long exercises to be carried our twice weekly to replace fat with muscle and reverse bone loss.  Wendy went on to demonstrate a couple of the exercises and all Friday Forum members, men and women, joined in.  Definitely a missed photo opportunity.
Next Meeting
3rd February – Friday Forum AGM, Free raffle and Gardeners’ Question Time, so please have your questions ready.  Any diseased leaves, bugs etc in plastic bag or jar please!

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