Sunday, 4 October 2015

Pests and Diseases

Talk by John Steedman on Pests and Diseases

John described his presentation as light-hearted and it was indeed both fascinating and witty.  He took us through the history of man’s search for preventative methods from the time crops were grown en masse to what works for farmers and gardeners today.  Some early methods were harmful to wildlife, some were flukes and some found by chance. 
Display Table
Mary’s aeonium which she lays down in its pot as it is so heavy but gives a good view of the rosettes
 Another Mary brought an unusual coleus which looked more like a succulent, all green with a minty fragrance 

Caroline brought an interesting and amusing article from the Yorkshire Post on picking blackberries or bladding, as they say in Yorkshire. It is said that blackberries picked after Michaelmas Day, September 29th, are as tasteless as if the devil spat on them.  The dilemma is that this year’s colder spring and summer has delayed the blackberries by about three weeks so are you superstitious or will you pick them late?  Apparently it was usual to plant blackberry bushes on graves to keep the devil away!  Read the article at :

It is good to see that our members still have colour and interest this late in the season.
Gill’s collection includes white eupatorium rugosum, salvia thalictrum, the plume of actea cimicifuga, alstroemeria celine , azara which had yellow flowers and now shows white berries, michaelmas daisy Sapphire which grows to 18”, Himalayan honeysuckle Lydia with bright, green leaves and Actea pachyooda doll’s eye
Kate’s bouquet comprises Rudbeckia, Helenium, Verbena, Aster divaricatus, willow gentian, Japanese Anemones Pamina and Honorine Jobert and Cosmos
Ann’s jug contains Actea cimicifuga with its white plume, yellow  Bomarea caldasii which is not quite hardy, kirengeshoma palmata , Tricyrtis, Hesperantha, paeonia obovata alba, colchiums: agrippum, waterlily and alba and the tall annual tithonia rotundifolia

Notice Board
Your help is requested on Tuesday 13th October for a Paxton Clean Up which will take place between 10 am and 2pm. 
Margaret D reported that the Paxton Show was a profitable event and thanked Friday Forum members for their help and support.
If anyone is interested in becoming a judge for Yorkshire in Bloom, please email for more information.
Next Meeting
16th October - Harvest Festival:  As well as our usual Bring and Buy sale, this year we are asking members to make a food dish of your choice for others to taste and guess the ingredients.

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