Saturday, 5 October 2013

Friday Forum is 20 years old!

Plants that earn their keep

This week Pat Inman of the Hardy Plant Society treated the group to a talk with slides entitled Plants that earn their keep.  Pat talked about old favourites, introduced us to new ones and demonstrated groupings of plants which looked good together, which gave us food for thought for planning our own gardens.  The talk was both interesting and entertaining and the prepared list which Pat distributed with the plant names and recommended nurseries is invaluable.  I don’t know about you, but I usually arrive at the garden centre with a scruffy, illegible and usually misspelt wish list.

20 Years of Friday Forum

The next meeting, on the 18th October, sees the 20th anniversary of Friday Forum with reminiscences, a cream tea and a Bring and Buy sale.

I wonder which plants were in vogue then and whether the perennial problems of gardeners persist today!  

..... and a gentle reminder:  Friends of Paxton, who meet from midday on the first Monday of the month, are requesting help with at variety of maintenance jobs this Monday.  All contributions will be appreciated.

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